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Featured Students

Raisul Chowdhury

Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

Previous role: Manager, Campaign Strategy, StackAdapt

Future plans: "I hope to build next-generation AI products that help define the future."

Tiffany D’souza

Bachelor of Medicine, DY Patil University

Previous role: Principal Consultant, Tendo Systems

Future plans: "I plan to go into product management in the healthcare technology field."

Tianyi He

BS, Mathematics and Economics, Bryn Mawr College

Previous role: Analyst, Revenue Analysis and Strategy, Northwestern University

Future plans: "I plan to obtain a role in product management in the technology industry."

Bradley Lai

BS, Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University

Previous role: Product Marketing Management Pre-MBA Intern, NVIDIA

Future plans: "I’m currently leaning towards opportunities in tech and consulting, but I am also open to roles in finance."

Michael Maloney

BS, Finance and Economics, The University of Texas at Austin

Previous Role: Venture Capital Principal, Zipdragon Ventures / The Rockefeller Foundation

Future plans: "I plan to pursue opportunities in venture capital."

Susan Muehrcke

BS, Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University

Previous Role: Senior Safety Operations Manager, Uber Technologies

Future plans: "I’m passionate about improving the unconscious and often unrealized discrimination that occurs at the intersection of business and technology by exploring more inclusive product design."

Jayant Nayar

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta

Previous Role: Project Engineer, Suncor Energy

Future plans: "I plan to pursue a role in digital consulting or tech strategy and integration."

Tushita Singhel

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering, Pune Institute of Computer Technology

Previous Role: Product and Innovation Manager, Bajaj Finserv Direct Ltd.

Future plans: "I hope to leverage what I have learned to help companies solve problems big and small in a way that makes a difference to society and transforms customer experiences."

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