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Faculty is drawn from both the McCormick School of Engineering and the Kellogg School of Management, along with leading industry experts to round out the teaching with present-day experiences and case studies.


Mohammed Alam

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Deputy Director of the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Program

Eric T. Anderson

Kellogg Director, Kellogg-McCormick MBAi
Professor of Marketing, Kellogg

Phone: 847-467-6482

Andrew Fano

McCormick Director, Kellogg-McCormick MBAi
Clinical Professor, McCormick

Alex Castrounis

Adjunct Lecturer, McCormick

Leslie DeChurch

Department Chair & Professor, Communication Studies

Jeffrey Eschbach

Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship, Kellogg
Associate Director of Venture Creation, Kellogg Entrepreneurship Program

Aneta Gola

Adjunct Lecturer

Kristian J. Hammond

Professor of Computer Science, McCormick
Bill and Cathy Osborn Professor, McCormick

Phone: 847-467-1012

Joseph Hummel

Professor of Instruction

Jim Lecinski

Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing, Kellogg

Andrew J. Leone

Keith I. DeLashmutt Professor of Accounting Information & Management, Kellogg
Chair of Accounting Information & Management Department, Kellogg

Robert L. McDonald

Gaylord Freeman Distinguished Chair in Banking, Kellogg
Professor of Finance, Kellogg

Phone: 847-491-8344

Kevin McTigue

Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing, Kellogg

Brook Miller

Adjunct Lecturer, McCormick & Kellogg

Ruslan Momot

Visiting Assistant Professor, Kellogg

Loran Nordgren

Professor of Management & Organizations, Kellogg

Phone: 847-491-2957

Sara Owsley Sood

Professor of Instruction, McCormick
Chookaszian Family Teaching Professor, McCormick
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education, McCormick

Phone: 847-491-5708

Hatim Rahman

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations, Kellogg

Lauren Rivera

Professor of Management & Organizations, Kellogg
Professor of Sociology, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences (Courtesy), Kellogg

Phone: 847-467-0344

Jorg Spenkuch

Associate Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Kellogg

Phone: 847-467-0921

Brian Uzzi

Richard L. Thomas Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change, Kellogg
Co-Director, Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO)
Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, McCormick (Courtesy)
Professor of Sociology, Weinberg College (Courtesy)

Phone: 847-491-8072

Adam Waytz

Morris and Alice Kaplan Chair in Ethics and Decision Management, Kellogg
Professor of Management & Organizations, Kellogg
Professor of Psychology, Weinberg College (Courtesy)
Chair of Management & Organizations Department, Kellogg

Phone: 847-491-8074

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